New service: scraping and hosting LCU event data

New service: scraping and hosting LCU event data

CommunityDragon is officially providing a new service; we're now providing LCU event data!

Some background information

We've already provided some data before, such as the Spirit Blossom assets and Rell champion release, through our old (now deprecated) domain. Now with the contribution of Ray's StormRazor scraper, we'll be actively scraping every new event that gets released. All of the data will now be provided through our new domain.

Some of the assets

Here are some of the assets provided through our Universe service

Sentinel Irelia
Sentinel Graves
Assets from the Sentinels of Light event
Spirit Blossom Ahri
Spirit Blossom Yasuo
Spirit Blossom Teemo
Spirit Blossom Kindred
Assets from the Spirit Blossom event

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